BAOC Event (2015-07-12)
Kategori: Tävling
Karta/område: Bedwell Bayfront Park
Arrangör: BAOC
Land: USA
Distans: 3.2km
Sträcka: 3.5 km
Tid: 19:33
Finally got to attend an orienteering event in the US! I ran two loops but forgot to start the gps on the first one (which was kinda lucky since I screwed up majorly anyway). They had the trails removed from the map to make it more difficult.

At #18 I first ran to another control and #23 was hidden in the bushes so I ran past it two times before spotting it. It wouldn't matter how slow I ran, my body felt awful all the way anyway. I guess training makes a difference after all..
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Fredrik: Roligt att se du hittat ett OL Event! Även om inte terrängen ser jättespännande ut så kan det ju vara kul att hålla i en karta igen :)
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BAOC Event (2015-07-12)